We recently made changes to the Medieval catalogue, merging the original sections “Retainers” and “Hospitallers” into “Retainers and Mercenaries” and adding the new crossbowmen figures into this category.

The new crossbowmen are production ready and pictures of the masters are included here –

Sean has done a great job with these sculpts, they are full of life and really look the part. They are suitable for any number of western European forces and we will be adding some painted images soon. The intent with these new crossbowmen figures is to broaden the range and add a few more options for some troop types.


Sean is currently working on some more new figures, but not medieval this time. We will be in a position to make an announcement about them in a couple of weeks if all goes according to plan.

We will be running our usual Black Friday sale in November and will be sending out details soon.