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Welcome to the on-line home of Triguard Miniatures, manufacturers of 40mm metal miniatures for wargamers and collectors. This is the new home of the ranges formally carried by the Miniature Service Centre (Vanguard Men-at-arms medieval, and Trident Designs SYW/FIW and AWI ranges).

To make your experience dealing with us as straight forward as possible, we have kept the site as easy to use as possible. We take orders in both United States and New Zealand dollars (select your currency tab on the left), and payment can be made using Paypal or Stripe.

We are open to feedback and suggestions so please feel free to contact us with your ideas or thoughts. We will share our news and plans for the ranges in the News section below with regular updates. Postage costs and discount rates are explained on our Terms page.

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War Game Figures - AWI Range

The American War of Independence range is one of the most extensive on the market and covers most combatants, including the wide range of uniforms available to the Continental units. The British and their Hessian mercenaries, and their loyalist allies are also all well represented.

War Game Figures - Medieval Range

Our medieval range is focussed on the Western European theatres in the late 12th and early 13th centuries, including Western Knights and their support troops, and native Welsh warriors, both foot and mounted.


War Game Figures - SYW/FIW Range

The Seven Years War range covers British and French regulars for the French and Indian War sub-period, as well as Canadian militia and American rangers, and Native Americans for both sides.


Our aim is to ensure these ranges continue to grow and set the standard for 40mm historical figures. 

Latest News and Releases from Triguard Miniatures

This is where we will keep you informed of our plans and any work in progress on new figures.