Medieval - Western European and Celtic Nations

Medieval – Western European and Celtic Nations

This is a range of superb 40mm white metal figurines, designed and sculpted by Sean Judd, to represent Medieval western Europeans and the Celtic Nations of the British Isles of the 13th and 14th centuries.

Traditional medieval figures encompassing the knightly classes and their professional and amateur supporting troop types. Also included are “characters” from British history and folklore. Llewelyn of Wales and all the famous names of the Robin Hood legend are included, with more “characters” to be added as the range expands.

These figures are great for representing the Welsh wars of Edward I, the Wars of Scottish Independence the English and Bruce invasions of Ireland, and, the wars of the first two Edwards against the kings of France.

And of course the traditional medieval figures of knights, crossbowmen, archers, sergeants, etc., can be used for all the nations of western Europe. This part of the range will continue to expand as we add more types.